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Greentech news for March

Icelandic power plant builder Reykjavik Geothermal announced plans to commence drilling in Ethiopia by the middle of this year. The project will use steam escaping from a collapsed volcano to power the turbines  more

The White House launched a climate plan to cut methane gas emissions from landfill sites. The American Petroleum Institute opposed the new rules suggesting voluntary efforts as an alternative more

Plans to build a cable from Norway to Germany to trade renewable energy looked doubtful as concerns were raised over the profitability of the project more

Greentech news for February

Here is your round -up of Greentech news for February…

In India farmers are being encouraged to use solar energy to power pumps to irrigate their crops. In order to conserve water the farmers must agree to use drip irrigation in exchange for subsidies to purchase the solar powered pumps more

Plans were submitted for the creation of a tidal lagoon in Swansea, Wales that could provide power for 120,000 homes.

LDA Design's Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

Tidal power is a very reliable form of renewable energy as the production of electricity is not dependent on weather conditions. More

Australian Prime Minister and climate change denier Tony Abbott launched a ‘full frontal attack’ on the renewable energy industry more

Tesla became the best performing car manufacturer for over 20 years with a share price increase of over 600%. The luxury electric car maker now has a market capitalisation of $31bn. The impressive share price performance has provided founder Elon Musk with funds to build a new batter factory more

Greentech news for January

Welcome to our first round-up of greentech news for 2014

Ford introduced a concept electric car the C-Max Solar Energi that recharges it’s self using solar power.

A neat idea but although photovoltaic cells have improved efficiency in recent years the car would still need a solar concentrator to focus the suns rays. The five meter high canopy focuses light like a magnifying class to improve efficiency. While parked the semi-autonomous car moves backwards and forward to capture as much sunlight as possible. While the C-Max Solar Energi may never be sold to customers an improved version of the technology may one day come into commercial use.

The EU proposed a 40% reduction in green-house gas output by 2030. A strengthening of the ETS was also proposed more

China announced plans to install 18GW of wind power and 10GW of solar power in 2014. In 2013 China installed 12GW of solar power , more than the total amount of US solar installations. The falling price of PV cells also saw China overtake market leader Germany more