Greentech news for the week ending 12 May 2013

More greentech news from aound the world…

The UK government concluded that the European Union energy sector faced a trillion Euro funding shortfall. The report pointed to an urgent need for investment in low carbon, interconnected and innovative energy systems. Noting that the lack of a clear policy was holding back institutional investors.

The Scottish government unveiled proposals for the green investment bank (GIB) to fund a country-wide LED lighting programme as part of a £500m package of climate and green energy measures .

The Quebec Premier launched a long-awaited fourth call for wind power for a total of 800MW.

800MW wind power call in Quebec image

“The government believes in the future of wind energy in Quebec,” said Marois. “This block will generate nearly $2bn of investment.”

The earth’s climate passed the symbolic milestone of 400 parts per million (ppm) concentrations of carbon dioxide. At no point in the preindustrial record have concentrations of carbon dioxide in the air risen above 300  (ppm).

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