Greentech news for the week ending 9 June 2013

Here is this week’s Greentech news

Two Chinese companies Sinohydro Corporation Ltd and Chinese National Electric Engineering Co (CNEEC) commenced work on the 700 MW Zungeru Hydroelectric Power Plant in Nigeria. The power plant was first conceived in 1982 but was unable to commence due to a lack of funds.

Swedish architecture firm Belatchew Arkitekter have put forward an intreging proposal using piezoelectric generation.

If the project goes ahead the Söder Torn tower in Stockholm will increase by 16 stories including 14 stories dedicated to piezoelectric generation. The tower would be covered with millions of straws, each with a polymer coating and a core made of piezoelectric material. As they move in the wind the stresses exerted on each straw would create a current that is channelled into the generator room inside the building.

Deep Earth Energy Production Corp announced plans for Canada’s first geothermal power plant. The 5 MW plant is expected to cost $34m with construction starting in 2014.

The EU imposed tariffs as high as 67.9 percent on solar panels from China as the trade war between them intensified. The EU claims that Chinese producers have been “dumping” imports and European producers have suffered “material injury” as a result.


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