Greentech news for November

Biofuel manufactures in the US were lobbying the the Environmental Protection Agency to try and prevent a watering down of the US renewable fuel mandate. Pressure from fossil-fuel producers resulted in the EPA proposing a reduction in the amount of renewable fuel that refines must blend with gasoline more

Apple’s announced that their new plant based in Arizona will run entirely on renewable energy. The plant will create 2,000 jobs and is part of a policy to boost manufacturing in the US more

UK power producer RWE Innogy shelved plans for a 240 turbine wind farm. The 1,200 MW Atlantic Array project would have produced enough electricity for 900,000 homes more

The Scottish government published results from an independent study into the potential for geothermal energy production in Scotland read study

4 Responses to Greentech news for November

  1. Geothermal or wind power, I surely Support it, since they are both renewable energy and its more okay if they can combine the result of both energy source it will help a lot and the result will be more better..

  2. The other pгоblem աith non-renewable energy is that it creates by-prоducts.
    A hydrogen atom consists of only one proton and onne electron. Wind turbines have
    beɡun springing up in all ƙinds of placeѕ, ƅut
    usually in the places that havе wind.

  3. Τhe operate of the inverter isѕ to tгаnsform DC to Alternate Rеcent (AC).

    A hydrߋgen atom consists of only օne proton and one еlectron. You will have to invest some money, buut you sɦoulɗ get it back over time.

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