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Greentech news for March

Icelandic power plant builder Reykjavik Geothermal announced plans to commence drilling in Ethiopia by the middle of this year. The project will use steam escaping from a collapsed volcano to power the turbines  more

The White House launched a climate plan to cut methane gas emissions from landfill sites. The American Petroleum Institute opposed the new rules suggesting voluntary efforts as an alternative more

Plans to build a cable from Norway to Germany to trade renewable energy looked doubtful as concerns were raised over the profitability of the project more

Greentech news for November

Biofuel manufactures in the US were lobbying the the Environmental Protection Agency to try and prevent a watering down of the US renewable fuel mandate. Pressure from fossil-fuel producers resulted in the EPA proposing a reduction in the amount of renewable fuel that refines must blend with gasoline more

Apple’s announced that their new plant based in Arizona will run entirely on renewable energy. The plant will create 2,000 jobs and is part of a policy to boost manufacturing in the US more

UK power producer RWE Innogy shelved plans for a 240 turbine wind farm. The 1,200 MW Atlantic Array project would have produced enough electricity for 900,000 homes more

The Scottish government published results from an independent study into the potential for geothermal energy production in Scotland read study

Greentech news for September

A consortium of German companies aims to produce sustainable electricity from around the worlds coastlines. Waves are a huge potential energy source and the project hopes to release this reserve of renewable energy… more


German car manufacturer Porsche announced a new $845,000 Hybrid that can reach 100 km per hour in 2.8 seconds with better fuel economy than the Toyota Prius. The limited edition Spyder hybrid follows a hybrid version of the Panamera coupe read more

Meanwhile VW another German car maker outlined plans for 40 electric or hybrid vehicles. 14 of the alternate drive vehicles will be available next year and will increase the offering should there be sufficient demand more

The worlds largest geothermal energy plant has been completed in New Zealand. The 100 MW plant will produce enough energy to power 80,000 homes more

UK wind power produced a record 5.7 GW of power on 15 September. UK offshore capacity has increased significantly in recent months with the completion of the 630 MW London Array.


Greentech news for the week ending 30 June 2013

Here is your round up of greentech news for the  week.

Samoa will begin a $2m geothermal energy project next year as the territory seeks to reduce it’s reliance on diesel more

China Solar will move production overseas to avoid import taxes levied by the European Union. Import levies are set to increase to 67.9% from August details

German solar provider SMA solar is to launch a battery to allow customers to store surplus energy. The inverter battery will give households an additional three hours of energy in the evening more


Greentech news for the week ending 16 June 2013

Our round-up of the week’s most exciting greentech news

Smartphone users in New York will be able to recharge their phones at solar powered charging stations thanks to AT&T and Goal Zero.

The project was launched following hurricane Sandy when many residents had difficulty keeping their phones charged. Each station will have multiple connectors to support a range of devices and a battery to enable charging after dark.

Chinese wind power provider Donghai Wind Power Co announced plans to commence the second phase of its Donghai Bridge wind farm near Shanghai at the end of the year. The $310m facility will produce 100MW using 28 turbines.

The Indonesian government allocated $302m to explore geothermal energy resources. Indonesia is belived to have potential geothermal generating capacity of 29,038 MW.

A 106 year old hydroelectric power station that has been closed since June 2012 is expected to partially reopened by the end of 2013.

Minnesota Power Thomson Hydro Station partial operation by end of 2013 flooding

The six turbines at Thomson Hydro Station flooded when over 10 inches of rain fell in the region.

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Greentech news for the week ending 9 June 2013

Here is this week’s Greentech news

Two Chinese companies Sinohydro Corporation Ltd and Chinese National Electric Engineering Co (CNEEC) commenced work on the 700 MW Zungeru Hydroelectric Power Plant in Nigeria. The power plant was first conceived in 1982 but was unable to commence due to a lack of funds.

Swedish architecture firm Belatchew Arkitekter have put forward an intreging proposal using piezoelectric generation.

If the project goes ahead the Söder Torn tower in Stockholm will increase by 16 stories including 14 stories dedicated to piezoelectric generation. The tower would be covered with millions of straws, each with a polymer coating and a core made of piezoelectric material. As they move in the wind the stresses exerted on each straw would create a current that is channelled into the generator room inside the building.

Deep Earth Energy Production Corp announced plans for Canada’s first geothermal power plant. The 5 MW plant is expected to cost $34m with construction starting in 2014.

The EU imposed tariffs as high as 67.9 percent on solar panels from China as the trade war between them intensified. The EU claims that Chinese producers have been “dumping” imports and European producers have suffered “material injury” as a result.


Greentech news for the week ending 5 May 2013

Want to know what’s been going on in the world of greentech? Read on…

Latest figures on geothermal energy show that world capacity will double by 2030 as developing countries including Indonesia take advantage of their natural resources. In 2012 the USA was the largest geothermal market with output of 3GW. Indonesia alone is expected to add nearly 6GW in the next twenty years.

Tunisian wind energy startup Saphon Energy’s is understood to be in talks with a number of major industrial players as it looks to move its bladeless wind towers to a commercial scale.

The sail inspired towers wobble in the wind, with pistons converting kinetic energy to electricity. Initial estimates suggest that bladeless wind devices could be more than twice as efficient as three-blade turbines.

Investors in the UK pledged £100K ($152K) in just four days to support a community hydroelectric plant. The small turbine will generate enough electricity to power 50 homes.

IBM announced plans to develop a High Concentration PhotoVoltaic Thermal (HCPVT) system that that could harness the energy of 2,000 suns. The system could provide fresh water and air conditioning in remote locations and would be completely renewable.

solar power ibm

Researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have designed a low-cost, long-life battery that could enable solar and wind energy to become major suppliers to the electrical grid. In adequate storage is currently a major barrier to the viability of renewable energy.

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Greentech news for the week ending 31 March 2013

Here is this weeks round up of greentech news

Thai authorities are evaluating the use of geothermal power to generate electricity. Geothermal has a relatively low cost of energy production and compares well to coal and gas.

The worlds biggest producer of raw materials for solar panels GCL-Poly energy announced plans to build solar power plans in an attempt to return to profitability.

£25m boost for UK wave and tidal energy

MeyGen and Marine Current Turbines each received £10m from the UK government to advance the commercialisation of their tidal energy devices.

The US Overseas Private Investment Corporation approved $288 to fund two wind power projects in Pakistan.


Greentech news for the week ending 17 March 2013

A little late, but here’s the greentech news round up for the week of 17 March

Japanese Environment minister Nobuteru Ishihara announced plants to promote the development of offshore windfarms as part of his countries renewable energy strategy.

The development bank of Ethiopia announced that it would be making available $20m to develop geothermal energy projects. East Africa has considerable potential to develop geothermal energy and Ethiopia is hoping to follow the example of Kenya.

Danakil Depression Ethiopia

The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change announced that 1,803 homeowners had their properties assessed for the Green Deal loan scheme in it’s first month of operation.

The worlds largest concentrated solar power (CSP) plant was launched. The 100MW Shams 1 plant located in Abu Dhabi will power thousands of homes in the UAE.

Greentech news for the week ending 10 March 2013

Here’s this weeks’ round up of Greentech news

Three pilots from the Paramus Flying Club in New Jersey made a 500 mile flight from Rhode Island to the Wright Brothers Memorial in a single-engine Cessna burning fuel made from used cooking oil.

Australian company Muradel won a AUD $4.4m government grant to develop an algal biofuel plant.

The London Array became the world’s largest operational offshore wind farm when the 141st turbine pushed power production up to 507MW. The previous record was 500MW held by the Greater Gabbard farm off the coast of Suffolk in England.

The World Bank announced plans to expand renewable power generation in developing countries by tapping geothermal energy.

Progress on a US$1.4bn hydropower project was halted by Chilean courts following a fishing group’s motion to stop it.

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