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Greentech news for April

The fourth and final berth at the Cornish wave hub was taken by Australian renewable energy producer Carnegie Wave Energy. The Perth based company will install a 1MW device that will  supply electricity and desalinated water to the Garden Island naval base more


Apple bought a hydroelectric power facility near it’s data centre in Oregon. The 5MW facility is likely to supply power for the company’s server farm more

Tesla began selling cars in China and announced plans to build cars in the country within the next 3-4 years. However this would require a joint venture with a local company more

Greentech news for February

Here is your round -up of Greentech news for February…

In India farmers are being encouraged to use solar energy to power pumps to irrigate their crops. In order to conserve water the farmers must agree to use drip irrigation in exchange for subsidies to purchase the solar powered pumps more

Plans were submitted for the creation of a tidal lagoon in Swansea, Wales that could provide power for 120,000 homes.

LDA Design's Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

Tidal power is a very reliable form of renewable energy as the production of electricity is not dependent on weather conditions. More

Australian Prime Minister and climate change denier Tony Abbott launched a ‘full frontal attack’ on the renewable energy industry more

Tesla became the best performing car manufacturer for over 20 years with a share price increase of over 600%. The luxury electric car maker now has a market capitalisation of $31bn. The impressive share price performance has provided founder Elon Musk with funds to build a new batter factory more

Greentech news for the week ending 25 August 2013

An electric hybrid vehicle inspired round up of greentech news for the weekending 25 August…

Following the success of the €1m LaFerrari the Italian sports car manufacturer has announced plans to develop more hybrid vehicles more

And another hybrid sports car manufacturer Telsa announced plans to expand into China on the back of strong Hong Kong sales. China is a key market for hybrid and electric cars which can provide automobiles demanded by a growing middle class without the pollution that comes with traditional fuels.

Finally the world’s biggest manufacture of hybrid vehicles Toyota announced discounts for it’s all electric RAV4 more