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Greentech news for November

Biofuel manufactures in the US were lobbying the the Environmental Protection Agency to try and prevent a watering down of the US renewable fuel mandate. Pressure from fossil-fuel producers resulted in the EPA proposing a reduction in the amount of renewable fuel that refines must blend with gasoline more

Apple’s announced that their new plant based in Arizona will run entirely on renewable energy. The plant will create 2,000 jobs and is part of a policy to boost manufacturing in the US more

UK power producer RWE Innogy shelved plans for a 240 turbine wind farm. The 1,200 MW Atlantic Array project would have produced enough electricity for 900,000 homes more

The Scottish government published results from an independent study into the potential for geothermal energy production in Scotland read study

Greentech news for October

American car rental customers are failing to embrace electric cars because of fears that they will run out of power between charging stations. Hybrids however have been much more popular as they lack the “range anxiety” associated with electric cars more

DuPont Co beat analysts estimates of third quarter earnings thanks to higher sales of materials used to make solar panels. The electronics unit delivered a 67% increase in operating profit driven by the performance of films and metal pastes used in the production of solar panels more

The UK government aims to increase solar more than 700% by 2020. The government hopes that by working with companies the price of solar can be brought down to a similar level to fossil fuels more

Australia’s new prime minister Tony Abbott has vowed to close the profitable Australian Clean Energy Bank. The development bank helps green projects raise debt and equity has a loan portfolio of AUD $536 m earning an average of 7% more

Greentech news for September

A consortium of German companies aims to produce sustainable electricity from around the worlds coastlines. Waves are a huge potential energy source and the project hopes to release this reserve of renewable energy… more


German car manufacturer Porsche announced a new $845,000 Hybrid that can reach 100 km per hour in 2.8 seconds with better fuel economy than the Toyota Prius. The limited edition Spyder hybrid follows a hybrid version of the Panamera coupe read more

Meanwhile VW another German car maker outlined plans for 40 electric or hybrid vehicles. 14 of the alternate drive vehicles will be available next year and will increase the offering should there be sufficient demand more

The worlds largest geothermal energy plant has been completed in New Zealand. The 100 MW plant will produce enough energy to power 80,000 homes more

UK wind power produced a record 5.7 GW of power on 15 September. UK offshore capacity has increased significantly in recent months with the completion of the 630 MW London Array.


Greentech news for the week ending 18 August 2013

Here is your round up of greentech news…

UK based installer Solinium used solar slate tiles to enable Buckingham Group Contracting to generating their own local electricity at a new office in Amersham. We really like these tiles which overcome a lot of the aesthetic problems associated with traditional PV panels. Keep an eye on this blog for a more in depth look at solar slate tiles later this year…

California Governor Jerry Brown announced plans to ‘bottle sunlight’. In other words the state is looking at large scale storage solutions to enable power to be provided through peaks in demand more

Clarkson University has teamed up with The Centre for Evaluation of Clean Energy Technology (CECET) and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) in opening a $1.2m wind turbine test facility more

New York opens new $1.2m wind turbine blade test facility

Three years after President Obama pledged to install solar panels on the White House work has commenced on the project. A White House official stated that the installation is “part of an energy retrofit that will improve the overall energy efficiency of the building”. Jimmy Carter first installed solar panels in the 1970s but these were removed by Ronald Regan during the environmentally unenlightened 1980s.

Greentech news for the week ending 21 July 2013

This week’s greentech news from around the world…

Solar stocks rose on news that China plans to add 10 GW of solar power a year for the next three years. The government also announced tax breaks for solar companies that acquire others more

UK utility company RWE claims that British power bills will increase by 20% by 2020 in order to pay for new power plants aimed at cutting pollution more


Greentech news for the week ending 26 May 2013

This weeks’ round up of greentech news from around the world…

Scientists from the Australian research institute the CSRIO have printed organic solar cells the size of an A3 sheet of paper.

Using a similar method to screen printing an image onto a T shirt the scientists were able to use semiconducting ink to print cells straight onto plastic or steel.  Dr Jones has ambitious plans for future uses of the paper thin cells “Eventually we see these being laminated to windows that line skyscrapers”

A 40GW hydropower project moved closer to reality as the World Bank offered to finance the deal. The Grand Inga development in the Democratic Republic of Congo would produce the equivalent power to 20 large nuclear power stations. Unlike the Three Gorges hyropower facility in China the Grand Inga project would have a minimal environmental consequences and would not require tens of thousands of people to be relocated.

The UK Green Investment Bank has committed a total of £635m to 11 renewable energy projects. The bank was set up by the government to help stimulate the renewable energy projects needed to meet the UK’s target of sourcing 15% of energy production from renewable sources by 2020. The total includes includes already-announced loans to companies such as Shanks Group Plc and Drax Group Plc.

Greentech News for the week ending 10 Feb 2013

Nepal – The 456-MW Upper Tamakoshi Hydro power station appointed (CIT) to float shares within the current fiscal year.

The UK government approved a large onshore windfarm for Lincolnshire.

Electricity production from Spanish wind mills topped that of nuclear, coal and solar for the first time.

Unsubsidised renewable energy in Australia passed a significant milestone to become cheaper than electricity from new-build coal and gas power stations.


Greentech News for the week ending 3 Feb 2013

This weeks round-up of greentech news

The UK govenment launched the Green Deal scheme which will provide loans to homeowners to help make their homes more energy efficient

The French government introduced a new law that will require businesses to turn off lights at night

Two wind turbines in the UK collapsed in strong winds raising concerns about safety

Saudi Arabia completed a 3.5 MW photovoltaic plant as part of it’s goal of sourcing one third of it’s energy requirements from the sun by 2032

And NASA announced plans to launch a giant solar sail next year to demonstrate  propellantless propulsion

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Greentech News for the week ending 27 Jan 2013

A round-up of greentech news from around the globe

UK scientists announced plans to mimic photosynthesis as a way to make more efficient biofuel.

Sweedish furniture retailer Ikea announced plans to invest $4bn in renewable energy as a way of keeping costs down.

German car manufacturer VW turned on a 9.5MW solar power plant at it’s Tennessee manufacturing plant.

The UK and Ireland signed an agreement for Irish windfarms to support power directly to Britain’s national grid.

Construction started at the world’s largest windfarm at Dogger Bank off the British coast.

And finally a UK supermarket has announced that frozen burgers withdrawn from sale after they were found to contain horse meat will be sent to anaerobic digestion plants to be converted into fuel.

The 5 largest UK wind farms

The UK is the largest producer of offshore wind power. The Greater Gabbard wind farm off the Suffolk coast is the world’s largest offshore wind farm

The 5 largest operational wind farms in the UK are:

Name Onshore/Offshore Power (MW) Number of Turbines Owner(s)
Greater Gabbard Offshore 504 140 Scottish and Southern,
RWE Npower Renewables
Walney Offshore 367 102 Scottish and Southern
Clyde Onshore 350 152 Scottish and Southern
Whitelee  Onshore 322 140 ScottishPower Renewables
Sheringham Shoal Offshore 317 88 Statoil and Statkraft

A number of much larger wind farms are currently under construction including the 1GW London Array and the 576MW Gwynt y Môr. By 2020 the UK is forecast to have in excess of 28GW of wind power capacity.